Saturday, March 21, 2009

cheating is never okay

There are a lot of reasons why a guy cheats as well as why a girl cheats nowadays. It may still not be a norm that a girl cheats, but, yes. Reality check, there are girls these days that do cheat. Who is there to blame? I really do not know.

As one of the youths before (I confess, I'm not a teen anymore! LOL) I have seen a lot of love that has been broken because of the third party issue. I, myself, have been a victim of that also. That is why, as a victim, I have asked myself why do some of us cheat? What is in cheating that some people do enjoy?

Some people cheat because:
1. His girlfriend is a nagger. One small thing becomes a big thing. She never stops complaining. Always putting up a fight. Now, boyfriend will get tired listening and find someone a lot more silent.

2. Her boyfriend takes her for granted. She loves being taken cared of. She loves to know that her boyfriend knows how to please her. Now, if boyfriend can't do this to her, girlfriend will find the care and attention to guy number 2.

3. Girlfriend does not take care of him. Just like any other people, a guy needs to be take cared also. A guy also needs pampering, you know. So, if girl number 2 who knows how to take care of him comes along, he settles for her instead.

4. Girlfriend does not air out what she wants and boyfriend can't understand what he will do OR vice versa. Yes, when in a relationship, do not think that the other can always read your mind. Sometimes, you need to air out what you want and don't keep the other from guessing. Guessing and predicting are for fortune tellers, not lovers.

There are still a lot of reasons why a guy or girl cheats. Yet, one thing is for sure, no matter what the reason is, cheating is never okay. What happened to "let's end this" or "let's break up" lines? If you are starting to fall for someone new or if you realized you actually do not like the one you're with, use the "let's end this" or "let's break up" lines. Do not be an A-hole and try to act that every thing is okay. Voice out and respect each other. No one wants to be cheated for Pete's sake.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What To Do On Cupid's Day If You're On A Budget

Okay. Let's face it. Cupid is already sharpening his arrow for the upcoming Valentine's day. Now, I know a lot of you become jittery nowadays knowing that Heart's Day is fast approaching. Two. TWO MORE DAYS TO GO! Yes, you've read it right. Two more days to go, Valentine's is up! It has commonly been assumed that during Valentine's day, people should show love and importance to their own loved ones. So, i have a question, do you now know what to do during this once a year of celebration of love? Have you had any idea what to give to your loved ones? Or have you planned already the once a year special date on this special occasion? If not, spare the jitters and read what I have in stored for you. Just like cupid, I would like to help the ones in need of love advice.

Spare the money you'll cost in buying the chocolates. Yes! I'm dead serious. Chocolates for Valentine's Day may be nice but it's waaaay too costly since chocolates would price higher during this day. If you really want to give something, why not give her, her favorite dessert? Or bake a special cake for her? Or why don't the two of you bake the cake together? In that way, you can still have a bonding time with each other and believe me, this is going to be fun for the two of you! It would be one of the best valentine's day, ever!

The flowers. The bouquet. I know it would be nice to look at her smelling the flowers. But then again, it's pricey at this time of the year. Get crafty, my friend. Why not print pictures of you together and form it as a collage with reasons why you've fallen in love with her? Now, that's what I call SWEET. Or, print a shirt where both of you can have? Same design with different messages? Call it a couple shirt or what not. You can also print both shirts with a crafty joke printed on it. Or, you can print all the pictures you have together and paste it up in an album and write a caption in each picture. May it be a sweet note or a joke perhaps. Flowers will wilt but the craft you'll make would forever stay within the two of you. It's something to look back to when the two of you grow a year older. Simple, sweet yet memorable.

I understand how you would want to treat your special someone to a nice candle light dinner in a fancy restaurant. Yes, I get that. But, again, think how much it would cost you when you can always have a dinner somewhere else. Take her to the beach and bring her, her favorite salad. Or stay at your house and cook a dinner for the two of you. Cooking a pasta won't hurt and then enjoying a romantic movie after wards is not bad, right? Restaurants tend to set price higher for this occasion. So, why not create your own resto at your place or a place where the two of you can spend a time together?

Let's be practical. We're having a global financial crisis. So, instead of going for the traditional ways to celebrate valentines, why not go for the practical way? You might not know it but this can be one of the simplest yet memorable valentines you'll ever have. What's good thing with being practical is that there's a touch of thoughtfullness in it. It's not customary. It is something new. So, think out of the box. Know what she likes. Know what makes her happy. Don't be fooled by the flowers, chocolates and fancy dinner. There are a lot more better than that. Believe me, I know.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

sex and the city

sex and the city
"My thoughts go out to you, my immortal Beloved
I can live only wholly with you or not at all--
Be calm my life, my all.
Only by calm consideration of our existence could we achieve our purpose to live together.
Oh continue to love me, never misjudge the most faithful heart of your beloved
Ever thine...Ever mine...Ever ours"
by: Ludwig Van Beethoven to his 'Immortal Beloved'

Here's a movie treat for you and your girlfriends. It talks about love, friendship and how to put things back together when nothing seems to be working out for you.

The story starts when Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Mr. Big (Chris Noth) decided to get married after years of having this steady relationship of theirs. The wedding was going to be simple but as the days were fast approaching, the simple turned to fabulous. The guests from 75 bloomed to 200+ and the simple unlabeled dress turned out to be a designer's wedding dress. The wedding has its own column on the newspaper and it went up to Vogue magazine. Everything was busy and her girlfriends Samantha (Kim Cattrall), Charlotte (Krisitin Davis) and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) were very happy for her and were helping her till the very end.

The night before, Miranda, having her own marriage shook up, had unconciously told Mr. Big that he's too crazy to get married and that marriage ruins everything. She told this without even thinking that the words she had said would make Mr. Big think about his own wedding which was happening a few hours from then.

When the wedding day came, Mr. Big being foolish called off the wedding and didn't show up, leaving Carrie in the library alone. When Carrie knew about this, she went out of the library and left. As the girls knew what was happening to their friend, they took the honey together and cheered up Carrie in Mexico.

Months after the wedding, during Valentine's day, Miranda and Carrie, being singles, had their date. As they were talking Miranda spilled the truth about what she said to Big the night before her wedding. This made them had their first fight for the years they have been friends. The fight eventually stopped and they became friends again.

As things were about to work again, Big then shows up in to the picture trying to get to Carrie. Will a second chance still take place? Watch and find out.

Dan In Real Life

I am just here in the house today and decided to browse over my downloaded movies via torrent. I randomly chose Dan In Real Life and said "oh, this can't be bad. Why don't I give it a try?" and yes, I did.Dan In Real LifeOf all the movies steve carell starred, this one really tugged my heart. It's a nice story. It's a story about love, life and family.

Dan Burns (Steve Carell) is an advice columnist in a local newspaper and is a widower with 3 daughters he needs to deal with. As a tradition, Dan takes his children to his parents house along with the other members of their family. Dan, being the father, does not understand that his daughters are growing up. Cara (Britanny Robertson) is falling in love. Jane (Alison Pill) already knows how to drive and his youngest daughter Lily (Marlene Lawston) can already think by her own. As these things keep them arguing, they brought with them their fights on Dan's parents' house.

One day as Dan and his daughters were having an argument, Dan's mom, Nana (Dianne Wiest) told him to go out and buy papers. As he did in the bookstore, he met a girl named Marie (Juliette Binoche). To get her attention, he disguised as an attendant inside the bookstore and convinced Marie to buy the books he offered her. As the real attendant went to Marie, she found out that Dan was not really the attendant. As this happened, Dan proposed to make it up to her and they shared a meaningful conversation which was then cut off when someone called Marie. Dan asked for her number and then Marie at first who was hesitant, saying she's starting a new realtionship with someone, finally gave it to him.

As Dan was on his way home, he started to fall in love with Marie. When he got home, he told his brothers that he met a girl in the bookshop and was asking for an advice whether to call her or not. Dan was about to give in the details when poof, Marie showed up. Little did Dan know, Marie is the new girlfriend of his brother Mitch (Dane Cook).

When reality sank in, that's when the real story began. Dan and Marie trying to conceal the feelings that they know they can't ignore. Pretending that they're cool about it. Will Mitch and Marie broke up because of Dan? Or will Dan and Marie avoid each other because of Mitch? Try to figure it out and watch the movie, yourself.

If I would have to rate this movie out of 5, I'll say it's 4. Really nice.